Mango Frozen Yogurt Pops


I live dangerously close to Yokoyaya , a Japanese shop full of inexpensive and adorable things. It’s hard to go in there and not get swept up in the kawaii. That is how I ended up with these cute paper cups.

Truth be told, I was planning to make a mango frozen yogurt soft-serve and pipe it in to these cups. I wanted it to be perfect and swirly, like the cones at Dairy Queen. Alas, I messed up and it was too runny for the piping bag…. 

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Raw Vegan Cheesecake with Raspberries

You see that kitty cat in the photo above? It’s actually a pencil sharpener. Can you guess where the pencil goes? I’ll give you a hint, it’s tail is raised for a reason. It meows as you sharpen your pencil. What does that have to do with Raw Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake? Absolutely nothing! I just thought… 

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cookie card

Thumbprint Cookies – Gluten-free

We are card carrying cookie monsters. Don’t believe me? Check out our cookie card!


Zen Break

Last week, I spent a glorious day picking raspberries in a sun and flower-filled garden. Well, I took pictures while my boyfriend and his parents picked the berries. Below are my favourite shots from the day. No recipe in this post, just a few moments of Zen.


Fruit Tacos!

The other day, I decided to make grain-free crepes for breakfast. As I was mixing up the fruit filling, I had an idea! What if I served the crepes as if they were tacos? Wouldn’t that be fun? 


Grain-free Crepes – Low Carb and Gluten-free

I’ve always struggled with grain-free crepes. They tend to fall apart because they don’t have gluten to bind things together. This recipe worked for me. They are a bit thicker than flour-based crepes, but they definitely do the trick. I have two tips that can help you reduce frustration when making grain-free crepes. First, don’t… 

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Whole-fruit Limeade with Cherry and Pineapple

Owning a Vitamix means you waste less food. I’m always finding odds and ends of fruits and veggies in the fridge to toss in to a drink or soup. It’s a great way to use less-than-perfect product. Take this Whole-Fruit Limeade as an example. I used some ugly cherries and some leftover pineapple to add… 

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How to Pit Cherries – A Video Tutorial

If you want to put cherries in your smoothie, you are going to need to remove the pits. That can be a huge pain in the butt. Luckily, there is an easy-ish way. I’m not sure where I picked up this tip (pun intended). Check this video from my instagram, make sure you follow me… 

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Roasted Veggie Vitamix Soup – Vegan and Gluten-free

As much as I love cooking, sometimes I look for shortcuts. Prepping ingredients for a meal can get very tedious. That is why I’m trying to develop some food-prep habits that will make life easier. One habit that is easy to implement is roasting up a big batch of vegetables for use throughout the week…. 

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Gluten-free Banana Bread Cake – Made in the Rice Cooker!

  If this was, the headlines for this post would read something like this… You won’t believe what this woman does with a rice cooker! The one kitchen trick guaranteed to blow your mind! This food blogger has created a recipe that will change your life!


Eclair de Lune Digital Design giveaway!

Time for the first ever giveaway contest on The Blenderist! I’m giving away $50 worth of digital clipart and printables from my Éclair de Lune shop on Etsy. If you are a blogger or crafter, you will want to get in on this giveaway!