Triple Layer Coconut Oil Cups

Yesterday was a good day. The photography gods were smiling on me. There are some days when I can’t get a decent photo of my food to save my life. It’s usually a combination of my own impatience and less than ideal lighting.

Triple-layer-coconut cups

I had 3 desserts to photograph and I managed to get them all photographed in less than 2 hours. It’s a miracle!


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The Blenderist’s Top 10 Vegan Desserts

I celebrated my 1 year blogging anniversary this past March. If you forgot to get me a present, I forgive you. I didn’t make a big deal out of it.You can get me two presents next year. I was reflecting on the year by reviewing my statistics, because that is what blogger nerds do for… 

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This is not an Orange Julius

I loved hitting up the food court for an Orange Julius when I was a kid. As an adult, they are just way too sweet for me. That is saying a lot because I would mainline sugar if I could. I love that this recipe is refreshing, like fresh squeezed orange juice but it only… 

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Monthly Report-Feb-2015

Growing The Blenderist – February 2015 Income Report

This is my once a month, super-nerdy post for other bloggers. If you come here for the recipes, you might find this post boring. I’m sorry! This post is all numbers and blog geekery. This post also contains a number of affiliate links.


What is Konnyaku?

Tonight, we are having a Japanese style hot pot for dinner. We like to load ours up with cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, daikon and konnyaku. What is konnyaku, you ask? Konnyaku is the Japanese name for the konjac plant. The root of the konjac plant can be processed in to a rather bouncy food item. You may… 

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Strawberry Mint Blender Sorbet

I can’t believe this is the first time I’m posting a sorbet recipe! What a colossal oversight on my part. One of the great joys of owning a quality blender is making quick and easy whole-fruit sorbets! It took me a few attempts at sorbet making to get my ratios of frozen fruit to liquid… 

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My Favorite Food Books

Once upon a time, before the interweb stole my attention span, I read books. These days, I struggle to make time. That is why I’m happy to have audiobooks that allow me to “read” while I walk or commute or clean the house. This is what behavioural economist call “temptation bundling”, linking one enjoyable activity to one… 

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vegan-thai-yellow- curry

Vegan Thai Curry with Kabocha Squash

I recommend keeping a can of coconut milk and a jar of Thai curry paste in your kitchen at all time. If you have those two things it’s very easy to throw together a quick, satisfying dinner. This recipe includes Kabocha squash, but you could easy use potatoes, sweet potatoes or a different type of… 

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The Yoga of (not) Baking

I didn’t bake anything this week. There was no need to. I had two birthday parties to attend so there was plenty of cake. The next two months are going to be pretty weird around here. I’m not going to be doing much baking. Instead, I’ll be spending my “free time” reading books and writing… 

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Red Fruit Smoothie

I woke up this morning with a hankering (yes, a hankering) for something bright, sweet, tart and refreshing. I started brainstorming fruit combinations and this is where I ended up. This red fruit smoothie is a combination of blood oranges, pomegranate, red grapes and cranberries. Cranberries, why do we forsake thee for 9 months of… 

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The Yoga of Baking

I’m taking a break from marathon watching House of Cards in order to write this post. Everyone needs to power through the season so we can talk about it without spoilers. I’ve got theories I want to discuss and I can’t until everyone is caught up. So get to watching, okay?! That way we will have… 

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