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Recipe Fail – Kombucha Caramel

This my friends is what you call a "work in progress". Sometimes I get inspired by a flavour idea and I rush to the kitchen before thinking things through. When it comes to working with caramel, you want to be on top of your game. Caramel, when handled incorrectly can crystallize. That is what you see in the photo above; a pan full of crystallized caramel. I made a ginger syrup and mixed it with kombucha. I then reduced that mixture before adding butter, sugar and cream. Everything seemed to be going well, but clearly I made a misstep. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong. I may have overheated the ginger/kombucha syrup, there may have been impurities in the mix (ginger particles) or I could have accidentally incorporated some crystallized caramel when I poured it into the pan. Oh well, at least I didn't burn myself. All was not lost, I mixed some of the crystallized caramel into my baked apples and severed it over yogurt with granola. Really excellent! …

Chocolate Mendiants with Wasabi Mix

I was practicing my chocolate tempering skills when I had a moment of inspiration. Why not put some wasabi crackers on chocolate? Why not? I've had wasabi chocolate from Lindt and I've had chocolate covered rice crackers in Hawaii. It's not as nutty as is sounds. These were a winner! Things I uses to make this (affiliate links): Wasabi Mix Dark Chocolate Marble Pastry Slab Thermapen