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Pumpkin Smoothie – Vegan and Paleo

I swore I wouldn’t add another pumpkin recipe the glut. I’m going back on my word because I accidentally ordered 6 HUGE cans of pumpkin puree from my grocery delivery service. I’m drowning in pumpkin and I have to use it up! I recently found out that I have to move and I’ll be damned if I’m packing giant cans of pumpkin. So, that means pumpkin smoothies for everyone!


Fennel and Cantaloupe Green Juice

I can’t say the word “cantaloupe” without getting this song stuck in my head. Now you probably have it stuck in your head, sorry. I had a really fun week making and eating birthday cake and I’m all caked out. The cake was wonderful, if I do say so myself. It was 4 layers of lemon cake with lemon curd and earl grey frosting. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen it!

Greeña Colada- Pina Colada Green Smoothie

I know what your thinking. It’s fall, get over the tropical beverages. It’s time to move on. I’m truly in denial about the changing season. It’s just heating up south of the Equator and I can’t forget my readers in that hemisphere. Also, I had a pineapple that needed to be eaten. This is typical of the smoothie creation process in my house; open the fridge and decide what needs to be eaten before it becomes compost. I know that sounds gross, but I’m doing my part to reduce food waste! Besides, sometimes overripe fruit is the best fruit for a smoothie. The texture might be too mushy to eat, but the natural sugars are often at their peak sweetness. When pineapples are overripe, they start to taste a little boozy. This is not a bad thing when you are making a Pina Colada green smoothie! There is no actual booze in this smoothie, but go ahead and add some if you are crunk like that. 

Watermelon Mint Frosty

Hey guys, you know what is ridiculous? Square watermelons that cost $80 are ridiculous! They sell them at my local grocery store. Apparently, in Japan, you can get them in all types of crazy shapes. They can cost hundreds of dollars! Needless to say, I walked right past those bad-boys and bought a small, seedless, round watermelon for $3. I’m not at Scrooge McDuck level wealth yet, so square watermelons will have to wait.

Strawberry Rhubarb Sparkler

I spent a ton of time in the kitchen last week, but very little of that time was spent cooking for the blog. I have been finishing up my practical assignments for my chocolate making course, so I’ve been knee deep in caramel, truffles and gianduja. If you are curious about my chocolate making exploits and other random adventures, I highly recommend you subscribe to my weekly newsletter. You can find the opt-in form at the bottom of this post. 

Red Velvet Smoothie – Low Carb and Vegan

I love smoothies! I’m sure that is obvious since this blog is primarily focused on blender recipes. That being said, I’ve been pretty stingy with the smoothie recipes. It’s not that I’m hoarding them. It’s just that I rarely follow a recipe when it comes to smoothies. I just toss whatever sounds good in to Ye Olde Vitamix and cross my fingers. That is not always the best system. Sometimes you get a blender full of sadness. 

Smoothie Bowls with Nuts and Fruit

As much as I love smoothies, sometimes you want a breakfast you can chew. That is why I was so happy to discover the versatile dish that is the Smoothie Bowl.  I am not sure who is responsible for the Smoothie Bowl trend, but they seem to be popping up all over instagram these days. It’s not surprising they are so popular. They are easy, tasty and adaptable…sounds like a perfect breakfast to me. As with most smoothie concoctions, it’s easy to adjust the ingredients to suit what you have on hand. I happened to have a mango, some frozen berries, tumeric root, hemp seeds and a heap of nuts.