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Milk Chocolate Nut Spread

There is a movie I saw in my childhood that haunts my nightmares to this very day. It’s called The Peanut Butter Solution. The story centres around an 11-year old boy who loses all his hair due to a terrible scare and some friendly ghosts tell him to use a peanut butter potion to grow his hair back. Unfortunately, he uses too much and things go haywire. The movie is basically one big WTF. To make matters worse it has a Celine Dion soundtrack. Yes people, this is what growing up in 1980’s Canada was all about. Nightmare fuel, I’m telling you! I don’t have kids but I kinda wish I did so I could subject them to this kiddie horror. I’m mean like that. This recipe won’t help your hair grow, but I bet it tastes a lot better. I made it with walnuts, cashews and high-quality milk chocolate. Vegan readers, I recommend looking for coconut milk chocolate from Charm School Chocolate.  Good quality chocolate is worth the extra money. The recipe for this …


Date Dulce De Leche – A Work in Progress

Sometimes, I get an idea in my head that possesses me until I run to the kitchen and start experimenting. The idea of a dulce de leche made of cashew milk and dates has been swirling around in my head all week. This morning, I decided to give my idea a whirl. I should know better than attempting recipe development before I’ve eaten breakfast. It’s a bad idea because I’m super hangry and a hangry cook has no patience for things like the Maillard Reaction. Traditional dulce de leche takes hours to cook. Ain’t nobody got time for that before breakfast.

Sugar-free Lemon Curd

Sometimes, I make food without the help of the blender. This is one of those times. I have been craving lemon curd for awhile, so I decided to try my hand at a sugar-free version. My recipe is adapted from this recipe for Improved Lemon Curd by David Lebovitz. If you are going to make yours with sugar, you can follow his recipe as is. If you want to try a sugar free version, I’ve included my recipe at the end of this post.