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The Yoga of (not) Baking

I didn’t bake anything this week. There was no need to. I had two birthday parties to attend so there was plenty of cake. The next two months are going to be pretty weird around here. I’m not going to be doing much baking. Instead, I’ll be spending my “free time” reading books and writing articles for our new chocolate website.


The Yoga of Baking

I’m taking a break from marathon watching House of Cards in order to write this post. Everyone needs to power through the season so we can talk about it without spoilers. I’ve got theories I want to discuss and I can’t until everyone is caught up. So get to watching, okay?! That way we will have something to talk about other than “the dress“. 


The Yoga of Baking

Sunday again? Already? The weeks have been flying by lately. I’ve been trying to force myself to chill out on the weekends, but it has been nearly impossible. I used to be so good at doing nothing. I don’t know what has come over me. All I want to do is work on my projects: my new website, a cookbook and this blog. Even when the work is fun and rewarding, it’s important to step away and relax. That is why we recently started going for leisurely evening walks as a way to signify the end of the work day. When you work from home, it’s easy for the hours to blur. Physically leaving the house and coming back helps create the illusion of coming home from “the office”.


The Yoga of Baking

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Vancouver. If you live on the East Coast, you probably hate me for mentioning it. I’m sorry (not sorry). Don’t worry, I’m having a hard time enjoying it because I’m so congested I’ve gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose. I didn’t even eat any chocolate or drink any wine for Valentine’s Day yesterday because I couldn’t taste anything. It wouldn’t have been worth it. Instead, I ate some spicy szechuan food in the hopes it would clear my nostrils. It did, for a minute.


The Yoga of Baking

This week’s Yoga of Baking features a chocolate beet cake. Don’t be scared! Look how pretty it is? I’ve combined beets and chocolate together before in a smoothie. Beets are a divisive food. I happen to like them, but I know some people feel they taste like dirt. This cake does not taste like dirt but it did have a beet-y smell to it. If you are totally beet-adverse, you should probably skip this one.


The Yoga of Baking

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first weekly Yoga of Baking post. What is this Yoga of Baking? Let me tell you! I love baking. It is my yoga, my meditation. I bake on a weekly basis. I make cakes and cookies and brownies; the traditional kind with eggs, white flour and butter. I drool over dessert cookbooks and admire baking rockstars like David Lebovitz, Alice Medrich an Dorie Greenspan.