Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream

nutella-cupcakeHave you every tried to make cupcakes from scratch in under 45 minutes? On stage? In front of a live audience? With cameras in your face? I have and I’ve lived to tell!

I competed in a cupcake competition at the Everything Food Conference in Salt Lake City with fellow blogger Jessica from  Our team was called Bake-A-Saurus and our cupcake of choice was a chocolate hazelnut crunch cupcake with nutella buttercream. Oh lawd!

The picture you see here is one of my practice batches. I’m happy to say that the cupcakes we produced in the competition were just as pretty.

Our cupcake was inspired by Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We filled them with chocolate ganache and crushed hazelnuts for texture. Those little round balls you see on top are chocolate covered cereal crisps. Crunch!

Are you hungry yet? Want the recipe?

I’m going to make you check out Jessica Gavin’s site to get it. She has much lovelier photos and a really great recap of events so check it out:

Chocolate Ganache Ferrero Rocher Inspired Cupcakes

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