How to Create a Start Here Page

Is there any task more dreadful than writing your own  an ABOUT ME page. It is THE WORST. Talking about ourselves or our businesses can be awkward. We worry about sounding braggy or boring…or both!

It’s no wonder we get writer’s block when we are freaked out about being judged. I know, I know…we are all supposed to be living that ZERO F*CKS GIVEN lifestyle. But it’s easier said than done.

That is why I recommend you rethink your approach to your ABOUT ME page. In fact, toss the whole idea of ABOUT ME and change it to a START HERE page.

What is a START HERE page?

A START HERE page is an “about me” page on steroids. It’s a place where you can let people know about you and what you stand for without having to write a 500 word bio.

A well crafted START HERE page not only introduces you to your audience, it also explains how you can serve them.

A START HERE page is a treasure map for your readers to follow

START HERE pages are proactive whereas ABOUT ME pages are passive.

Be proactive.

What should you put on your START HERE page?


1. Identify your ideal customer.


Start with a paragraph or two that directly targets your ideal client. Who are you talking to and what are their needs. Here is an example…

If you are like most of my clients, you are a smart and creative business owner. You have drive and determination. You are committed to growth as a human and as an entrepreneur. You are full of great ideas for products and services — yet the struggle is real.


  • Do you struggle to be seen amongst a sea of competitors?
  • Is your visual brand riding on the struggle bus?
  • Are your website pageviews at critical struggle level?
  • Do you struggle to keep up with social media?
  • Are you captain of the struggle team when it comes to technology?
  • Do you have 2 people on your mailing list, your mom and

Don’t fret! I can help you with allllll of this. I have got the antidote.

As you can see, I haven’t started talking about myself yet. I’m totally focused on the reader. I’m not trying to appeal to everybody. I’m just talking to the people who are most likely to need my services.


2. Tell them who you are and what you do.


Next, you want to talk a little bit about yourself or your business, but do it in a way that is relevant to your ideal customer.

This is how I talk a bit about myself and my business, without getting bogged down with irrelevant details…


I specialize in creating brand awareness…on a budget. My methods are PERFECT for new or growing business owners who don’t have piles of cash to spend on advertising and marketing.

See how short that is? It’s concise and it is focused on what I do for my clients. If writing about yourself comes naturally, you can expand on this by including some personal details but don’t feel obligated to talk about your dog or your favorite color just to fill space.


3. Show them your most popular product.


The next thing you should include is a quick blurb about your most popular product or service and a link on where to buy it. If you have a nice photo of the product, you can share that as well. This is your chance to direct them toward the item that is most likely to keep them coming back.

If you don’t have anything to sell. You can link to a free opt-in (ebook, cheat sheet, checklist) or some other downloadable item. The goal here is to get them onto your mailing list so you can sell them something later.


4. Give them a treasure map. 


Finally, direct them to any blog posts or pages on your website that strongly represent your brand. This could be a gallery of beautiful product photos or a post about an event you hosted. You can even direct them straight to your shop page if you have multiple products to sell.

Give them a treasure map to the good stuff.

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