Graphic that says Boost Your Brand with Facebook Live Video

How to Boost Your Brand with Facebook Live

Graphic that says Boost Your Brand with Facebook Live Video
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In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to approach Facebook Live Video and make it part of your branding strategy.

Facebook live video is a huge marketing trend for 2017. As much as I would prefer to stay bundled up in my cozy sweater, hiding behind my computer  — I know that I have to make peace with live video and put myself out there.

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool introvert like me, the thought of live video does not spark joy. In fact, it probably sparks a forest fire of fear that sends you into a flop sweat. Ugh.

You know that facebook live has the potential to boost your brand awareness, but how do you get over the crippling fear?

I’m going to make a radical suggestion here — JUST DO THE DAMN THING.

It doesn’t have to be some huge production. In fact, the less fuss you make about it the better. The beauty of Facebook Live Video is that the bar is currently set pretty low. There is little expectation as far as production value or content.

This means, you can practice now before the audience gets more savvy.

I recorded a Facebook Live Video every day in January. Think of it as Facebook Live Bootcamp. When I started, it was super awkward— but it got better. I managed to get over my fears and insecurities through daily exposure.

Here are 11 Tips for getting started with Facebook Video:

1. You Don’t need Fancy Equipment

You don’t need a fancy set or expensive camera to get started. All you need is your smartphone and some decent natural light. The only thing you might want to buy is a smartphone tripod or tripod adapter.

2. Talk About What You Know

Start with topics that you are knowledgeable about. The less research you have to do in advance, the better. If you make jam for a living, you probably know a lot about preserves— so talk about preserves

3. Plan a Series

Take your main topic and break it up into easy to digest bits. Each video should have a concise point. Give a tip, educational fact or quick demo related to your main topic. Make a series out of it. I did series based on my 30 Tips for Branding on a Budget. One tip per day.

4. Start with Short Content

When you are first getting started, focus on short content. This will help you work out the kinks before you try longer form live videos. Five minutes is plenty of time to fill when you are first getting started.

5. Do it Often

The best way to get over the fear of Facebook Live is exposure. The more you do it, the less power it has over you. Try doing it every day for a week or even a month. By the end, you will feel like a pro.

6. Schedule It

Put it on your personal schedule and commit to following through. Find an accountability partner and ask them to hold you to it.

7. Don’t Schedule It

If this is your first foray into live video, I suggest you start recording without telling people first. This is PRACTICE time. Don’t add pressure to things by telling people you are going to be there at a specific time. I told people I was going to be live every day, but I didn’t say what time. This made it easier on me. Of course, once you get the hang of it you ABSOLUTELY want to tell people what time you are going live.

8. Embrace Your Face

I’m a “no-makeup” kind of person. It is not part of my daily routine so I decided not to wear makeup in my videos. If makeup is part of your routine or you feel more confident wearing makeup in your videos — do it. Anyone who comments negatively on your appearance is a jerk and you don’t want them as a client.

9. Find a Security Blanket

I wore cozy sweaters or scarves in a lot of my videos. You could even put a blanket on your lap it it helps you relax. I even had my dog on my lap in several videos. If you are a fidgeter, you could have a worry stone or something else to focus your nervous energy.

10. Talk Like Nobody’s Watching

The reality is, when you record short videos you won’t have many live viewers. This is because it take time for your video to get pushed to your followers’ news feeds. By the time it reaches their feed, you are done. Don’t worry, just be sure to post it for replay. Plan content that doesn’t rely on participation from viewers.

11. Watch Your Videos

Be sure to watch your videos when you are done. You want to see if you have any habits that make the video hard to watch. Don’t judge yourself too harshly, but watch for distracting movements or vocal habits. If it is something you can modify, make a note of it for next time.

It is as simple as that. Don’t put artificial barriers in front of yourself by making it more complicated than it has to be. This is a new, experimental marketing medium so feel free to play around. Before you know it, you will be itching to go live.

You can see my live videos here: Facebook Live Series – Branding on a Budget


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