Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 37th birthday! I had every intention of spending the day at home baking an extravagant chocolate cake. Alas, things did not go as planned. Instead I had to dress up like a nurse and take the bus clear across the city for an audition.  My life is weird. chocolate-angel-food-cake

When I got home, the most I could manage to bake was a tray of brownies. So, I ended up having a hot fudge brownie birthday sundae in lieu of cake. It wasn’t a bad trade off, actually.

I did make a cake a few weeks ago so it seems like an appropriate time to share the recipe. It’s a chocolate angel food cake with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache layers. It’s a traditional cake with eggs, dairy, sugar and wheat…so if you have food restrictions you might have to give this one a miss. Sorry, vegan homies!

Since this recipe is chocolate based, I’ve posted it over at my Chocolate website. If you are curious about the world of craft chocolate be sure to poke around the site. It’s loaded with chocolate reviews and educational resources.

Here is the recipe…



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