Strawberry Rhubarb Sparkler


I spent a ton of time in the kitchen last week, but very little of that time was spent cooking for the blog. I have been finishing up my practical assignments for my chocolate making course, so I’ve been knee deep in caramel, truffles and gianduja. If you are curious about my chocolate making exploits and other random adventures, I highly recommend you subscribe to my weekly newsletter. You can find the opt-in form at the bottom of this post. 

After eating my weight in chocolate I’ve been craving some lighter foods. That is where this bright and tart fruit beverage comes in. I had some rhubarb left over from last week’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. One of the best things about owning a Vitamix is the ability to use up produce that is past it’s prime. I chopped up that rhubarb and mixed it with some frozen strawberries, stevia and sparkling water in the blender…and presto! The resulting drink is sweet, tart, light and slightly bubbly. It would go well with a shot (or two) tequila, if you are in to that sort of thing.


Strawberry Rhubarb Sparkler

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings


  • 1 cup chopped rhubarb
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 4-6 tsps of sweetener of choice
  • 2.5 cups sparkling water


  1. Put the rhubarb, strawberries and sweetener in the blender with 1/2 cup of sparkling water.
  2. Blend it thoroughly until it is smooth and thick like sorbet.
  3. Top off the blender with the remaining 2 cups of sparkling water.
  4. Blend on low until it is all mixed in.


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